The Beginning

I wanted a place where I could blog and engage with like minded people, tell my story and hear your stories. This is just the beginning… a journey that I hope we can take together. Life begins at a different age, event, time for every single person and this blog wants to embrace those moments. The moments of change, of development, of acknowledgement, of forgiveness, of realisation and giving yourself permission to live, laugh, love, make mistakes, embrace chaos, enjoy silence, whatever it is to you to LIVE!
My Story
I am Sara, I am now 42 years old. I am still on my journey to discover myself. As a wife and a mother of two children, it is often hard to live as ME, not Sara the mother, Sara the wife, Sara the housekeeper, Sara the councillor, nurse, cleaner, cook, and all the other jobs and chores and responsibilities that go with being a mother and wife and adult. This blog is intended to be my place to revisit the past and embrace the future, it will be very personal at times and will require complete honesty. Are you ready to join me?
Before I begin I wanted to share a link to someone who I believe sums up what this page is promoting. Three words…..Cross The Line….enjoy https://youtu.be/zTV0vRXOvYw